On Actualities

The last Friday Gathering of Radius at Stroom Den Haag takes the shape of a festival, from 6 pm to midnight.

The first part starts with the preliminaries by Christian Nyampeta, while listening to Bengt Berger Funeral Bitter Beer Band.

Then the session asks what it might mean to be in correspondence: Helmut Feder makes tentative conclusions in the company of JoJo Box.

Meanwhile, Roopa Gogineni reports from Rwanda, by way of India, Somalia, Philadelphia and Nairobi. Today, Gogineni focusses the controverses of the multiple narratives, backgrounds and histories of "Hotel Rwanda".

Somewhere else, Maria Guggenbichler talks to Amal Alhaag, while Rozemarijn Lucassen asks herself and others about the possible shapes and forms of forgiveness.

Gadi Sprukt calls Christian Nyampeta from afar, and the two engage in a conversation about how to inhabit the world otherwise, following new ways of living that suggest our habitat as a planetary "monastery".




The second section of the gathering tunes into the politics of the voice and the polemics of listening: Lawrence Abu Hamdan presents “The Whole Truth” and “Freedom of Speech itself”, Tom Tlalim presents “Listening as Being Other”.




The last section of the programme is a capturing of recognisable but possibly forgotten or unknown sonic surroundings.
Larry Achiampong & David Blandy perform “Biters”, recorded live at Arts Admin in London.
Philip Schulze of Weisser Westen recomposed an early work specifically for this evening, and Robin Watkins closes Radius' Friday Gatherings at Stroom Den Haag with “Sunday”, a sequel to his “Luminiferous Aether”.





The Downtime by artist Tom Richards continues live, 24/7, on the same channel, till Sunday 25 May 2014.


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