This Sunday 18 May 2.30pm till late, the gathering at Radius marks the 5th Analphabet Orkestra Session.

Analphabet Orkestra, are sessions hosted by a varying group of people who divide their practice in two main situations. One situation talks about artistic processes (first intentions, then transformations-if they are any-, and the results). The other situation is the playing of music. In between and around those two modes, there grows a place for comparisons, analogies and invisible facts sparkled for a common research.

On 26 Mar 2014, at 21:32, Hanan Benammar wrote:

Dear Christian,

I would be very glad hosting some programmes. It could be something about desert, borders, nomadism, non-aligned territories. Or something completely different. I could also bring some bright colleagues of the DAI and we can do something all together. Radio functions well as a group, and it's more fun :)

I will think about something more clear over the weekend, and I come back to you. Is your radio happening all the time, or just some precise dates?

Warm wishes,

Hanan Benammar


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