This evening's main site of visit is the African Writers Club. This is a collection that "comprises over 250 hours of radio programmes recorded in the 1960s at the Transcription Centre, London, under its Director Dennis Duerden. The tapes were distributed for broadcast by radio stations in Africa and elsewhere."

The session then makes a brief visit to the poets writing "Between Two Worlds: Poetry & Translation": which is an Arts Council-funded audio recording project conducted by the British Library in collaboration with the poet Amarjit Chandan that began in 2008 and is still ongoing.

The gathering will listen to fragments from the Community Audio (previously called Open Source Audio)

The listening will pass through specific moments and audio selections from the vaults of WFMU

The joyful birds flying with disregard of the national borders give rhythm to these historical narratives. This conference of birds is composed of recordings retrieved from the Macaulay Lab, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology; whose mission is "to collect, preserve, and facilitate the use of wildlife recordings for science, education, conservation, and the arts".

This session of Radius visits the archeological ecologies, by tuning into repositories of historical turning points that still have large reverberation far into the future.
The gathering is a freeform session of listening to the distance, to preservation and to making available.

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