Radius is a condition that expands the question of How To Live Together.
The setting of the radio initiated at Stroom Den Haag is composed of two intertwined environments: the hosting structures present at Stroom; and a 24/7 live radio feed.
The structures at Stroom are: four screens that form a kind of membrane and interior. The panels are, and, make environments; they filter and make the sounds. The panels are brackets, inside which it is possible to speak, to listen and to rest, and also think, meet and to make.
The panels are form an operative shelter in the form of a disembodied studio:

- A curtain which is an envelop
- A prototype of a harp that is played and tuned collectively
- A screen that filters the light
- A reverberation plate which is a speaker and a filter of all the sounds

Alongside these spatial structures, the inventory of Radius encompasses a growing and varying number of self-made instruments. The focal point of these instruments is the monochords, the Prothesis and a bell in progress, in collaboration with Casco - Office for Art, Design and Theory.

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