Many thanks to curator Brigitte van der Sande for her commitment beyond the call of duty. The support of Jane Huldman and the team at Stroom is a genesis. The techniques of Johan van Gemeren are invaluable.

The desire for Downtime by Tom Richards has been instrumental to Radius. Engagement with luthier Dmitry Badiarov in Den Haag and the Early Music Shop in London has been beneficial.

As announced by Casco's New Habits on the occasion of Every Mode of Doing Needs Commons: An Uncommon Festival of the Common(s), the same could be said here that, although the initial care is by Christian Nyampeta, the desires and activities of Radius are made possible by the existence, the guidance and the patience of many.
Together with the many names announced and announced here, the project is sustained by the generosity of many friends and practitioners in London and beyond.

Critical and theoretical investments have been made in many ways, in the form of invitations, conversations and commissions toward both new and ongoing research and activities with Binna Choi and the Casco Team at Casco in Utrecht, with Grant Watson at Iniva in London, with Lisa Rosendhal at Iaspis in Stockholm, with the Otolith Collective and with Emily Pethick at The Showroom in London.

Numerous heartening teachings and conversations with Kodwo Eshun and Anjalika Sagar of the Otolith Group have greatly informed the practice in forms, visions and in contexts.

Loving has been the hosting of Asia Komarova. Exchanges with Laura Preston, Adrian Rifkin, Maria Guggenbichler, Emma Smith, Ikchung Cho, Annette Krauss, Andrea Francke and Vivian Zihrel have given shape to thoughts. Heartfelt are the acts of living with Project Goleb in Amsterdam, practicing as one of The Patients, visiting the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem and listening to Tagore's Universal Allegories.

The project is grateful for the sustained critical engagement of Jean-Paul Martinon and the peer group at Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths in London.
Indeed, How to live, if not together?

C - N