Babembe horns in human likeness
(Congo), C. Duvelle, 1969

What structures can we dream up in order to correspond with margins and territories that can no longer speak or those which can not yet speak?

Radius is a migratory radio station initiated in the context of See You In The Hague at Stroom Den Haag in 2014.

Modelled after the teachings of the late Cameroonian musician, musical theorist and novelist Francis Bebey, the radio is conceived as common, open and connective force that alternates between the mystical and the profane. The uses of this radio form are situated within this intersection, which is inhabited by different rhythms, histories and attentions.

Radius is also an occasion to build musical instruments in workshops, in the hope that these instruments are prototypes that open up careful and receptive ways of listening and speaking otherwise.

The setting of Radius at Stroom Den Haag is composed of:
1) The hosting structures at Stroom and the makeshift studio engineered by London-based artist Tom Richards

2) A growing collection of prototypical "instruments" and weekly made monochords

3) Online live audio consisting of weekly radio programmes held mostly on Friday evening between 6-9pm, and

4) The Downtime, a continual sonic installation and spatial arrangements conceived and engineered by London-based artist Tom Richards.

5) A Recording with a selection of moments and a publication (forthcoming)

Radius was initiated at Stroom Den Haag, on 4 April 2014. Here, Radius intervened within the context of See You In The Hague, a cultural programme at Stroom.
Radius was commissioned and curated by Brigitte van der Sande.

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